Stellar & Me 2020!

Stellar & Me

Hello and welcome to our first ever blog!

Well, it is a new year, new decade and a new Stellar & Me!

Cheesy we know but we are just so excited about all of the changes we have already made and will continue to make over the next few months. 

If you missed our Facebook and Instagram posts, we are moving Stellar & Me towards becoming 100% NZ made which means all of our imported items are on sale and will stay that way until they are all gone! We already have 2 new amazing ranges on board: EJ's Toybox & Creative Tuesday (more on them further down), once we move the remaining imported stock we will be able to bring in lots more too! 

If you have been following our journey since taking over Stellar & Me back in July 2019 you will know we are incredibly passionate about small NZ businesses and NZ made products and that was before we even got our first few NZ ranges on board! We have seriously been blown away by these products, not only is the quality far superior but they are unique, beautiful and are proving insanely popular! 

We wanted to introduce you to our new range but also give you a little bit of background on our current ones, these were brands that we handpicked after A LOT of investigating and searching and each range has by far exceeded our expectations!

Ally & Eva: Handmade right here in Dunedin by one VERY talented and hardworking lady, the Ally & Eva range is full of high quality, original, stunning pieces. This year (after many, many requests) we are brining in the long awaited big kids sizes (6-12 years) and womens havana dresses and just like the rest of her range, they are perfection! We will stop ourselves there as we could seriously go on and on all day about this incredible brand and the lady behind it, if you have seen or purchased anything from this range then you will know what we're talking about! Keep an eye out over the next few months, we have a ton of gorgeous new items and fabrics on the way.

Plant & Share: A absolutely beautiful skincare range using organically grown and spray-free ingredients from Nelson. We have both personally used this range on ourselves and our children's skin and not only is it beautiful to use, each product has proven itself to actually get results - if you want the proof check out our posts on Instagram & Facebook showing the results on Mackenzie's face!

Nuzzle Baby: Another stunning range from another very talented lady situated in Queenstown, the Nuzzle Baby range provides unique, organic keepsakes for your little ones. Every design has been hand painted and illustrated by this incredible lady and then printed onto GOTS certified organic cotton.

Besitos: These beautiful teething necklaces are made in Wellington and are the perfect little gift for any Mum to be! Each gorgeous necklace comes in a stunning variety of colours, however if you have something else in mind, the wonderful lady behind Besitos is always happy to customise!

Now to our newest ranges:

EJ's Toybox: This amazing husband and wife team from the Waikato were inspired by watching their own baby develop and explore, so they started creating pieces to aid his learning through play and we are so glad they did! The EJ's Toybox range is full of teething accessories and toys that have been crafted using the most beautiful modern colours and to an incredibly high standard.

Creative Tuesday: Your next decor obsession - DIY Mobiles! We knew the second we saw these items that we had to have them. Made in Wellington, not only does this incredible lady create the most beautiful decor items but she lets you enjoy the fun part - putting it together for your little bundle! If you're not the creative type though, don't let that put you off, the instructions are super easy to follow, so there will be no hormonal temper tantrums (totally no judgment there, our husbands have witnessed their fair share) while assembling them!


So to summarise - Stellar & Me 2020 is going to be AMAZING! We are so excited to continue to bring you these incredible products and for all of the changes ahead!


Annalise & Shannon


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