Stellar & Me Update

Stellar & Me


Where to begin this blog?! What a massive, unprecedented (eye roll, how many times have we all heard that word recently) change we have all faced these last few weeks, there is so much uncertainty and anxiety for when and how the Covid19 Pandemic will play out and eventually come to an end that some days it's all a bit too much for me, as I'm sure is the same for a lot of you! 

BUT in all the doom and gloom, how many absolutely incredible displays of humanity and love have come out all over the world because of this pandemic and on top of that, the earth appears to be doing some much needed healing and families are getting to spend so much more together. So although scary and unknown, we may actually come out of this so grateful for this period in time. 

Right, sorry for babbling, now to our update!

We have some BIG news. You may have heard a few months back that we were bringing on the hugely popular NZ made range Myli & KO and then suddenly we weren't. We were so gutted to have to put a hold on bringing this range in as we both absolutely love it and we know the rest of NZ does too! Between both Myli & KO's busy schedule and our own it was just not possible to make it work back then but we are so excited to announce that Stellar & Me is now a proud stockist of Myli & KO's absolutely incredible boys range! We are so grateful to be working with another extremely talented woman who makes, hands down, the coolest NZ made threads for little dudes. 

Another very exciting announcement is our Autumn/Winter drop for Ally & Eva coming soon! Keep an eye on our instagram stories for more and more sneak peeks, we have just shown the absolutely stunning Margot Merino Dresses and were blown away with the response from you all! Rest assured we will have them available as soon as we possibly can!


We are truely so grateful for everyones continued support. We are sending out all our love and positive thoughts to you all!

Annalise & Shannon 


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