Besitos Necklace - Chobe

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Besitos Necklace - Chobe

Made from 100% silky soft food grade silicone and and gnaw-able untreated beech wood, the Chobe necklace is perfect for keeping your baby’s hands busy while feeding, stopping them from yanking on your hair, or occupying them during that phone call that just won’t wait. It provides counter-pressure to that emerging tooth as bubs munches down, and the combination of silicone and wooden beads will keep you looking fab!

It will look great regardless of whether you are at home in your fat pants, building sandcastles at the beach, pretending it’s not your kid making noise at the local café, or heading for a (well deserved) night out.

It is fastened with a breakaway clasp, which will come undone if bubs tries to yank it too hard, saving your neck!

Please note: Due to the wooden beads being 100% natural hardwood, there might be a variation in the colour and grain to the product shown in the picture.

The Besitos necklaces come in a range of colours, styles and lengths so keep checking back in for new releases, or get n touch with us if you have an idea in mind, they can be custom made.

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