Dusky Pink Bunting 2m + Heart Wall Hooks

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Dusky Pink Bunting 2m + Heart Wall Hooks
Part of our Creative Tuesday collection, team up a 2m Felt Ball Bunting and 2 x Wall Hooks and Sleepy Eyes for a cute instant decor look! Modern and stylish decor that is easy to hang and creates an instant adorable look.

The Bunting is 2 meters in length. It has 24 Felt Balls with each felt ball approx 2cm. It is strung on a single strand and there are no knots so the felt balls can be moved or spaced as you like. Made with 100% NZ wool.

The Wall Hooks (two included) come with command strips for damage free hanging. 
Heart wall hook dimensions: 6.5 x 5.5 cm
Sleepy Eyes dimensions: 13cm x 7cm. 

Please be aware that every care has been taken to display the exact colors of the mobile, but variations may occur due to the differences in computer monitors. Please also note that as this is a handmade item, the stars may slightly vary for each mobile.  

Please remember that THESE WALL HOOKS AND BUNTING ARE NOT A TOY and should be kept out of reach of children. They should be securely fastened to the wall by the damage free command strips provided. 

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