Stellar Hand Painted Maraca Set

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Part of our Stellar Play Collection these beautiful hand painted maracas are a perfect addition to your wee ones play time. 

** PLEASE NOTE, due to a supply issue we have sourced a new set of maracas and they differ in shape to the previous set **

The maracas are locally created in a stunning variety of colours provided by the Natural Paint co. These paints are New Zealand’s safe paint, they are  a high quality paint that won’t compromise the environment or your wee ones health. 

Maracas are an excellent way to encourage dancing and movement in little ones (and mum & dad too!) they provide a sensory element to play by engaging sound, touch and hand/eye coordination. 

Please select your colours from the colour chart pictured
(1 for base and 1 for dots)
and let us know in the notes.

**As these custom painted, please allow up to 5 working days processing time before they are shipped.

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