The Lactation Station Cookies - Coconut Cranberry (Dairy Free)

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The Lactation Station Cookies - Coconut Cranberry (Dairy Free)

The Lactation Station is a company that creates great tasting, nutritional products that support mothers with their milk supply through delicious cookies or seed blends. 

I used these cookies everyday during the first 6 months of my breastfeeding journey and absolutely loved them! They taste delicious and were the best snack to have on hand during those sometimes endless nightly feeds.

They also make a really lovely gift to give an expecting mother as well, I think at my last tally I had 7 bags in my cupboard before baby was born, I didn't appreciate how valuable that stash was until I realised how often I'd be up munching on them every night!  

Packs of 12 delicious pre-baked goodness.


Wheat Flour, Oats, Coconut Oil, Brown Sugar, Sugar, Egg, Dried Cranberries
(5%), Desiccated Coconut (3%), Water, Brewer Yeast, Linseed, Raising Agent
(450, 500), Flavour

Contains: Gluten & Egg
May contain: Peanuts, Soy & Tree Nuts


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