Tinker Play Box

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This is a perfect collection of loose parts items from BabyPlay for you child to tinker and explore with.
Let them discover all the items, how they work and how they can interact together. 
This play box contains two wooden balls, two mirror balls, two small wooden blocks, two wooden rings, two homemade natural pine small round blocks, one wooden brush, one wooden peg, one wooden token, one silver egg cup and one silver round tin with lid; all contained in one of the wooden BabyPlay trays.



- Wooden Balls 5cm diameter

- Mirror Balls 5cm diameter

- Small Blocks 7.5x2.5x1.5cm

- Wooden Rings 5cm diameter

- Round Blocks 7.5x2.5cm

- Wooden Brush 17cm

- Wooden Peg 11cm

- Wooden Token 3.5cm diameter

- Spiral Egg Holder 5cm high, 5cm at widest point

- Round Tin 7cm diameter

- Solid Wood Tray 15x15cm

Please note as these are natural wood products there are differences in the wood grain and some slight imperfections may occur. 

Suitable for children from birth. 

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