Wild Westcoast Foldout Book

Regular price $55.00

Part of our Nuzzle Baby collection, the latest addition to their soft books is absolutely stunning!

Little babies love to explore everything around them. This new foldout book is the latest addition to our soft book collection, and all inspired from the West Coast of the South Island. Drawings from the Oparara basin, Punakaiki, and some native birds, a Tui, Kea, and Fantail. With both bold and soft lines, splashes of colour to capture the attention and stimulate visual development within your little one. 

Perfect for those little hands to grasp, made with organic cotton so safe for baby to suck and chew. Ties at each end it is easy to attach to the pram or cot. Made with extra padding so easy to stand upright so baby can see at it all angles. 

80cm long x 15cm wide. 

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